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Ronnie Allen - incredible new novelist - 

Ok, so how often does a really, really good new novelist come along? Once a year? Once a decade? Beats me. But Ronnie Allen has written the best first novel I've read in a long time.  Aries is a heady mix of mystery, suspense and supernatural forces. Ms. Allen adroitly weaves these elements into a story that is both thought-provoking and a damned good read.

Is this going to be the first in a series, with astrological signs as the title of each new work? I have a hunch this is the start of a classic line of books that would make Arthur Conan Doyle proud.  Click on the cover image to go to Ms. Allen's website. 

The best job-hunting book you will EVER see -  
Ok, so the economy is not doing as well as we'd all like. Getting a job is tough. I've seen hundreds of job-hunting guides, but this is the most down-to-earth and practical one I've ever seen (despite its off-putting title). The author has a refreshingly easy-going and welcoming style, that makes you feel like you're getting advice from a friend.
Undoubtedly Ms. Enering's unusual mix of credentials have something to with that. She is a sociologist, who happens to have a Masters in Nursing. In other words, she understands the world of work, and she also knows how to talk to people.  If you're unemployed, or know someone who is, this book is worth the read. Just click on the image, and you're there.