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Patrick Lee - Astounding new author -

Mr. Lee's newest novel, Runner, ​is fantastic. But I would being you a grave disservice if I didn't recommend that you dive into his magnificient Breach  trilogy first:  The Breach, Ghost Country, and Deep Sky. These speculative gems are what might have resulted if the minds of Harlan Ellison and Jack Higgins had been magically merged, resulting in an author who could masterfully weave strands of science fiction and throbbing action into pure gold. Trust me on this, ok? You won't be disappointed.

Christopher Farnsworth - Can someone really make vampires exciting again? Read on...

From the campy movies we all loved as children, to the Ann Rice books/films that got our blood racing, vampires have become a central myth of our popular culture. It's hard to envision anyone refreshing our interest in these blood-suckers. Enter Christopher Farnsworth. His Blood Oath and The President's Vampire are almost too good to be true. He promises that these are the first two entries in a series. Let's hope his treats this promise as a sacred oath.